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Wincy is a Hong Kong based watch manufacturer, established in the year 1990.
Our head quarter is based in Hong Kong, factory located in Dongguan, China. We have been manufacturing high quality quartz analogue and mechanical watches for renowned international brands for almost 30 years. We provide a comprehensive one stop solution from conceptual idea to production delivery.
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About US
Factory Established
Complete Watch Assembly & Case Factory was set up in order to vertical integrated to have greater control over its processes to increase Wincy’s competitiveness.
Wincy Established
Wincy Horological Limited was founded in Hong Kong by Mr. Lawrence Cheng.
ISO 9001
ISO 9001 strengthens Wincy’s focus on providing the highest quality solutions to meet our customer’s requirements. It is an essential step to ensure our customers continue to receive products meeting international standard.
IP 8001 Intellectual Property
Management System
This standard specifies the system requirements for the management and protection of the intellectual property rights of an organization, including those entrusted by third parties.
HK Rapid Prototyping Workshop
In order to confront fast changing market and strengthen IP protection for customers, Wincy invested 3 million HK Dollars to set up an in house sample workshop in Hong Kong, well equipped rapid prototyping capability.
CAD/ CAI/ CAM Integration
Wincy optimized usage of 3D technology to engage workforce for fast learning culture and enhance speed on rapid prototyping process for the purpose of increasing output on new product projects as well as higher hitting rate into new product launch program.
MRP Renewal
MRP system Renewal to optimize the whole quote-to-cash workflow process. Enhance the responsiveness to changes in demand much quicker.
On Job Watch Maker Training
Our founder, Mr. Lawrence Cheng, provides on job watchmaker training to staff, covering fine adjusting the balance spring, repairing, fault finding, quality control; as well as  watchmaking theory, mathematics, electronics applied to watchmaking.
HK Office Expansion
Headquarter is expanded from 6000 square ft to 11000 square ft, to allow for more workforces to support customer’s growing business.
Social Environmental Affairs
Accepted by Adidas
As one of Adidas suppliers, Wincy was audited and is now designated Social Environmental Affairs (SEA) accepted
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About US
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Lawrence Cheng
Founder | Managing Director
Lawrence has been in watch business round about half century, to witness and experience the evolution of watch industry. His enthusiasm towards timepieces got him enjoyable to demonstrate his leadership in meeting everyday challenge. With Swiss based watch marker skills, Lawrence is also an indispensable key teammate, essential to project success and realize product at its excellence.
Continual learning is the key for Lawrence to sustain his business in this rapid changing market. Through spare time studies he completed his master degree on Business Engineering Management in 2010, and subsidized 3 colleagues to obtain the same degree in order to operate his business at knowledge base management and culturize a learning organization.
His hobby is restoring old watches and tracking down the history of watch development since 19th century. At the same time sharing his watch maker skill to train up colleague and student of Vocational Technical College under watch repair apprentice scheme.
Lawrence believes the best value of value is sharing his watch experience, commerce and education in industry. He has dedicated himself over a decade as advisory committee member with Government Education Bureau on Qualification Framework development in watch industry. Acted as accessor for qualification levels on Quality Control, Watch Repair, Manufacturing, Design, R&D and Operation Management.

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About US
After Sales Service
In House Watchmaker Program
After sales service is essential for brand development. We can offer repair service, spare parts supply to pave way for long term business cooperation. Our service includes Lab Test (SGS or HKPC) to carry out all kind of tests complying with safety regulations.
Our in-house Watch Maker Program is providing professional training to satisfy current market products covering mechanical and quartz watches. It’s back up in a timely and professional manner under guidance of experienced and competent watchmakers. The watch maker knowledge helps technical analysis on functional aspects, validate technical solution to ensure our watch products performing uniform quality and reliability.
The Watch Maker Program also supports Government Institution Apprenticeship Scheme for Watch Repairer. To deliver skills on overhauling, rebuild watch parts and restore different stages of watch products in the past century such as Mechanical, Automatic, Electronic and Tuning Fork mechanisms.