Our factory is located in Dongguan, China since 1995. With 100 experienced workers monitor and follow-up every production process, we enables to meet consistent quality standard and ensure timely delivery for our clients. Wincy is your best long-term partner of watch manufacturing.
Supply Chain Management
Production Material Control
On time delivery is one of the critical factors for time to market. Our material control team ensures adequate and uninterrupted material supply to maintain production smoothness. We monitor the entire supply chain activities such as materials procurement, manufacturing process scheduling, stock level optimization, which encompass all operations management functions from production planning to final delivery.
Supplier Performance Evaluation
We focus on value-add strategic partnership in which the performance and competencies of suppliers continuously grow with us. Apart from basic supplier vetting steps, we also collect their past performance data to create effective communication and formation of improvement goal.
Manufacturing Management
and Quality Control
Quality Control
Reliability and functionality are essential requirements for brand image. Our in-house QC lab carries out adequate tests to ensure all components are up to standard.
  • Drop Test (Rigidity of watch)
  • Crystal Hardness Test (Hardness of watch crystal)
  • Abrasion Test (Durability of the coating)
  • UV Test (Discoloration under UV exposure in a fraction of the time)
  • Pusher Aging Test (Reliability test of pusher function)
  • Traction & Torsion Test (Durability and strength of the band and pins)
  • Strap Flex Test / Sway Test   
    (Durability and strength of the metal band/ leather strap)
  • Temperature Humidity Cycle Test  
    (Simulation of a watch under various conditions)
Assembly Process
  • All qualified components are assembled by our highly trained workers in a dust-control environment.
  • Semi-automatic hand fitting machine guarantees high precision hands fitting standard.
Final Inspection and Packaging
All watch heads are executed quality test such as watch resistance and burn-in tests before moving to the final strap fitting and packaging stage.
Warehouse Control
A drying room is set-up to prevent moisture from some critical components such as movement, crystal and dial.
Specific temperature and humidity are strictly controlled to obtain the drying condition.
Lean Philosophy and Sustainability
To sustain and fulfil the future needs, we adopt a set of continuous improvement activities throughout whole operation, closely connected with Business Process Re-Engineering principle. We streamline critical production processes and eliminate wastes as daily basis, and even implement organization restructuring to maximize cost effectiveness.
Manufacturing Certification
Audited by Adidas, Wincy and our supply base are certificated to meet required social and ethical standards.
Furthermore, all our products are complied with REACH, Rohs, Nickel and lead release tests.
Hong Kong
In 2017, Wincy office was expanded and renovated to allow more professional human resources and equip up-to-date technology to support customers growing business.
Video Conference Room
Work Together – It allows us to work with customer face-to-face in real time, potentially to increase productivity and efficiency by reducing unproductive travel time elimination.
Effective Interaction – Showing is convincing, through video conferencing to instantly exchange aesthetics and engineering idea to speed up decision making process.
Engineering and Industrial Design Team
Wincy has been optimizing usage of 3D technology to engage workforce for fast learning culture. Significant result on speed was achieved by integrated used of CAD between industrial and engineering design team. Our responsiveness on design change and 3D visualization ability also gain satisfactions among customers. We can quickly present how the product look like at early stage to benefit shorter product development cycle time.
Rapid Prototyping Workshop
The workshop equipped as a small-scale production line featuring metal cutting & removing processes, welding and polishing. It offers a fast and accurate way to realize physical visualization. The set up aims at fast moving momentum to meet time-to-market requirement.
Assemble and Repair Workshop
Wincy is one of all-round watch manufacturing companies equip own repair workshop for after sales service to provide repair service for long term business cooperation.

We also invest in-house micro watch assembly line, packaging area and sufficient testing machines, to provide small-batch production in HK, which allows to bear the marking “Assembled in Hong Kong”.
Operational Team
On-time delivery is one of our top priorities to help our customers stay ahead at the fast-changing market. Our up-to-date MRP system put together a reliable production schedule to ensure your good delivered on time.
A private warehouse for transition.